• Character Artist for AetherGunnerDev (in development)

  • Assistant CG Artist for Boxcat iPhone RPG, Nameless: Hacker RPG

  • CG Artist for Visual Novel, Sickness

  • Characters, CG Artist for Visual Novel Detective Butler

  • Character Design, Characters for Visual Novel, Devil Gene R

  • Assistant CG for Visual Novel, Book of Zhu

  • Assistant CG Artist for Visual Novel, Project JPDE

  • Characters for Jelly Paladin (in development)

  • Characters, Chibi CG Artist for Visual Novel, Kako No Koi (in development)

  • Assistant Sprite Artist for Visual Novel Eternal Forest (in development)

  • Artist for Vostu games - NYC Branch start-up, MindBenderMobile (5 months. August 2011 - Jan 2012)

  • Over 100+ personal commissions completed

Skills: character illustration, sequential artwork, character concepts, proficiency with CLIP STUDIO, Photoshop

References available upon request.