Hello! I like to write fantasy and sci-fi stories. These are some of my current / future projects.

The White Queen

To save Wonderland from the Red regime, rebel-raised Alice must become the savior of prophecy, The White Queen, Goddess incarnate.

Enemy general, Knave of Hearts, is hellbent on destroying the fake messiah before she ravages Wonderland with holy war.

Can Alice save Wonderland or will she only accelerate Wonderland’s path to utter ruin?

Genre: Dystopia, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Drama, Action


Zero [working title]

In covert WW IIII against alien-kind, America creates hybrid A.I. soldiers– humans enhanced with A.I. - It’s a power that more often than not, drives men insane.

Oswald can handle insane. Charismatic and cunning, Oswald will stop at nothing to liberate mankind. Together with veteran soldier, Vincent and upstart rookie, Alexa, Oswald will either save mankind or destroy us all. We’re doomed anyway, so why not try?

Genre: Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Action, Thriller

Locket Quest

Three kids and a pegasus (not a unicorn!) adventure across the world, collecting magical lockets to ensure world peace.

Genre: Kids, Fantasy, Adventure

Code Player

Two talented, but broke anti-virus agents are sent on a routine spam-mail infection— or so they thought. When the virus turns out to be an S-class trojan sent from a vindictive ex, these two rookies better up their game before they emerge from Virtual Reality permanently brain-dead.